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Comission Free Sales
You set the prices and keep all the profits.

At Sell Photo Events the photos are bought directly to the photographer and all transactions are commission free.

Start selling within minutes, just register and upload your first 100 photos for free.

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Upload all your photos. Huge upload limits!

How it works

The first step is to configure your store. Pick a name, a custom address and you have a fresh new shop, ready for your clients. It takes just a few minutes. You may add a physical address, phone and a facebook page. Currencies available are dollar, euro, pound sterling and real.
Create Albums
Organize your photos into albums and you may write a brief description, or set a price if you want. If you want to set up privacy, configure them individually as public or private, and with or without a password, like this one. And if you need, you can protect your photos with watermark automatically.
Set the price
Choose if you want to let your clients access photos through email or printed, or if they can download them online. To sell your photos online, configure your paypal account and the money will get directly into your account. To sell them physically printed on a lab, write instructions on each album. On each order, you will receive a notification with selected photos and your client's email. Then you can charge and sell your photos the way you want, including bank transfer.
Get customers
Your shop is ready. Share your custom address chosen by you on your website or on business cards. We suggest you to take to each event a printed shirt with your web address. People will notice and visit your site at the end.

See for yourself

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It can't be better. Sell Photo Events is very good about functionalities and usability.
After researching quite a few options for selling and sharing my photos with clients, sellphotoevents.com came to my rescue. It is so easy to get started and extremely affordable. I am so thankful to have an easy way to sell photos to my clients! It's also easy to get admin help if needed.